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Shenzhen Changke Connect Electronics Co.,Ltd.Our company’s corporate culture is based on the national tradition culture on the basis of corporate culture. The enterprise culture glue all staff unity and cooperation, to the road of group struggle.

culture Cables and Sensors- SpO2 Sensors,ECG Cables,EKG Cables,NIBP Accessories

Team spirit is the core of enterprise culture; Total quality management, is the enterprise guarantee of winning.

culture Cables and Sensors- SpO2 Sensors,ECG Cables,EKG Cables,NIBP Accessories

Business philosophy: quality first, leading technology, customer satisfaction, pay attention to environmental protection

Quality policy: don’t make bad product, not out of bad product, don’t accept bad product

Code of conduct: say, do, do it effectively


Medical accessories in the fierce competition is incomparable in other industries. For the Changke cktronics also have their own point of view: There are many more haste, less speed,Changke  cktronics Lose instant fantasy,Learn Japanese is steadfast, German meticulous professionalism. To pay attention to quality, attention to the concept of management, good service, the customer is supreme.To win new and old customers the high praise, so that the development trend of the company is getting better and better

Changke cktronics Company provide employees with good development prospects. Value for their customers, on the one hand, through their own products to create value for customers, On the other hand, adopted the “marketing and consulting” model, to provide customers with solutions, to produce high quality products according to customer requirements.


Customer oriented

Benefit is the fundamental

Technology is a source

Quality is the life

Main Products

SpO2 Sensors (Reusable SpO2 Sensor+Disposable SpO2 Sensor+SpO2 Adapter Cable)

ECG cables (One Piece ECG Cable+ ECG Trunk Cable+ ECG Leadwire)

Temperature Probe(Reusable Temperature Probe+Disposable Temperature Probe+ Temperature Adapter Cable)

IBP EKG Cables OBD OEM and ODM Moulding NIBP

Cables and Sensors- SpO2 Sensors,ECG Cables,EKG Cables,NIBP Accessories

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