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Investment promotion agency

Our Advantages

Free broad market space

Focus on market segments, easier to success

Low operating cost, quick get to market

Acting all products, meet all related requirements

High standard of brand image and credibility

Precise location, stable customers

Companies to provide product catalogue, brochures, posters and other promotional product design, storefront fitment know training materials and products


Tsing lung rein to join the number of company according to the local market, to ensure that every agent  has plenty of customers, strictly control the operation of the market benign                    order, a city a sole agent, prevent malicious string of goods.

Company authorized certificate, unified brand image, such as logo, packaging, etc

Company will timely feedback agent according to the market situation, on a regular basis to share product knowledge and marketing skills, etc

Company sent market training teachers on the agent is located or regularly invite agents to the company product knowledge training, operation process and sales channel structures,                  and other professional training, the organization and assist agent in channel marketing meeting, carry out various academic communication, etc.

Good dealer sales performance indexes met shareholders can be incorporated into the system.


The unified management to the agent agent developed by customers.

Shenzhen Changke Cktronics Co., Ltd

Established in 2001,is engaged in professional R&D,

manufacturing and sales for medical electronic instrument fittings and consumables field by adopting the strategy of high technology and first clss service to customer,we have formed a professional team focusing on researching ,managing and manufacturing that will enable us to meet or exceed customer’s requirements,Our main products have passed the CE and bio-compatibility certification testing,such as ECG&EKG cable series,spo2 sensor series,NIBP CUff series,temperature probe series,etc and meanwhile our quality system has got the IOS13485 and ISO9000 certifications.

The fitting and consumables of monitor that designed and produced by Changke all adopt medical environmental protection material that is innocuity,insipidity,strong tenacity,high reliability,antijaming and can be sterilized and cleared ,we have sstablishes a long term relationship with Godenway,Mindray,Edan,Omron,Landwind,WEGO,PHILIPS ect.Our products sell well in European countries,South-east countries,India as well as domestic market

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